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Algae Sample in Big Bald Lake NOT Blue-Green Algae

The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Lab has examined the submitted samples and the initial Algal Identification results show that a bloom is not present and there is not a potential for toxins being produced based on the species identified in the samples that were analyzed.

Based on all available information (Initial results, follow up results, no bloom evidence, concurrence from the Health Unit) the ministry has determined that there is no further action required regarding the September 26, 2017 sample collected.   The ministry’s incident report on this issue is being closed. Please contact the undersigned Environmental Officer for more information.

Background Information: The Peterborough District Office of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change received a complaint on September 26 regarding a possible Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) in Big Bald Lake, Trent Lakes, in the vicinity of  Philrick Dr along the north shore. Samples were collected on September 26, 2017 and sent for analysis for algal toxins.

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