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Notices & Releases

Notices will be posted on a regular basis outlining details of upcoming items to be discussed at Council or Committee of the Whole that have notice requirements under the Municipal Act 2001 or Section 34 of the Planning and Development Act of Ontario.

The types of notices appearing on this page will include but, are not limited to, Public Meetings, Public Hearings, Information, Open Houses.

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Low-cost Rabies Clinics

Date Posted: May 2, 2019

Saturday, May 4, 2019   (12:00 noon – 2:00 pm)

$30.00 per animal – Cash only

All dogs must be on leashes and cats restrained

Trent Lakes locations:

  • Buckhorn Works Department, 8 Melody Road, Buckhorn
  • Galway Fire Hall, 569 Galway Road, Kinmount

Other locations throughout Peterborough County and City complete listing, visit @Ptbohealth at

Half Load Restrictions Update

Date Posted: May 1, 2019

As of May 1st, 2019, Half Load Restrictions are no longer in effect for municipally maintained roads in Trent Lakes. For information on reduced load restrictions on County Roads, please visit the County of Peterborough website.

OPP Request Assistance for Transfer Station Break-Ins

Date Posted:

OPP are looking for assistance in identifying Trent Lakes break and enter suspects at the four Waste Transfer Stations. Thieves are stealing revenue items from the sites and stealing and damaging municipal property. Suspects conceal their identity from surveillance cameras. Thefts are after hours under cover of darkness.

Media Release April 30 2019 Peterborough OPP Assistance Identifying Break and Enter Suspects

Citizens are asked to report any suspicious vehicles parked in the vicinity of the waste transfer stations after hours. Do not approach or engage. Contact the OPP.

Investigators are actively looking for information that may lead to a suspect or suspect(s) in these cases. Police urge the public to call in tips on this case, or others, to the Peterborough OPP at 705-742-0401, the non-emergency line (888) 310-1122 or to Crime Stoppers.

Two suspects, one with a wheelbarrow removing items from Transfer StationTwo suspects from behind in hoods, one carries a backpackClose up of suspect with hood and covered face.Suspect with a hood and covered face.

Trent Lake Roundtable Invite

Date Posted: April 30, 2019

Do you have a Municipal concern or idea for Council? Come join us on Saturday, June 1st, 2019 for a Roundtable Discussion with your elected members of Council.

There will be an annual cottager/ratepayer association meeting starting at 9:00 a.m. and the roundtable discussion will follow.

When: Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.
Where: Nogies Creek Fire Hall No. 4 – Training Room
760 Peterborough County Rd 36, Trent Lakes

Call 705-738-3800 x 240 for more information

Flood Warning / Watch Updates May 1

Date Posted: April 26, 2019

Current water levels should be sustained at what they are now which is consistent with 2017 levels.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Kawartha and the Otonabee Conservation Authorities advise riverbanks and shorelines will be slippery and unsafe, and may be undercut. All residents should stay away from water bodies, as well as water structures such as bridges, culverts, and dams. Children should be warned of dangerous conditions and caregivers should maintain a close watch on children who are outside.

If you encounter any submerged roads avoid crossing as there may be a risk to traveler safety. Barricades are erected at roads where known washouts or dangerous driving conditions have been observed.

There are a number of resources available to the public to assist them in monitoring current weather and water level conditions. Following are resources that may be helpful to Trent Lakes residents and property owners.

Ontario Flood Forecasting and Warning

To monitor water conditions in your area the Ontario Flood Forecasting and Warning website contains a 24 hour monitored Ontario flood map showing the areas currently identified as Flood Warning, Flood Watch or a Condition Statement issued.

It also has links for MNRF Districts (Trent Lakes/Burnt River is Bancroft District) and watershed Conservation Authorities (Trent Lakes is Kawartha Conservation and Otonabee Conservation). Each link also provides the current status and the date of the status.

The Ontario Flood Forecasting and Warning website can be reached at the following link:

Environment Canada Weather Alerts

Environment Canada also posts 24 hour severe weather information alerts including warnings, watches and statements on their website at

Previously, the forecast was for 40 millimeters of rain on Wednesday (May 01st) through Thursday (May 02nd). This has now been revised downward to a two-day total of 20 to 35 millimeters.

The alert can be viewed at the following link:

As of Monday, April 30th, 2019 the following Flood Statements and Bullentins are active.

Kawartha Conservation Flood Watch:

Kawartha Conservation Flood Watch Update – April 30, 2019

Otonabee Conservation Flood Warning:

Otonabee Conservation Flood Warning Statement – May 1, 2019

Bancroft District Flood Warning:

Bancroft District MNRF FloodWarning – April 29, 2019

Salmon Lake Road Reopened

Date Posted: April 25, 2019

Salmon Lake Road had been temporarily closed over the Easter long weekend. The road was repaired on Tuesday and this is to advise that the road is now open for traffic.

Area Flood Warnings Continue

Date Posted: April 24, 2019

A Flood Warning remains in effect for the region. There is potential for flooding to occur along shorelines, in near shore areas, and in low-lying areas as a large volume of water passes through the Trent River system.

All local rivers and creeks continue to flow at high levels high water levels and velocities, in response to significant amounts of precipitation received. 

Under these circumstances, all local watercourses and waterbodies should be considered extremely dangerous. Kawartha Conservation is warning all residents to stay away from all water bodies, as well as water structures such as bridges, culverts, and dams. Shorelines and banks are saturated, slippery, and may be undercut. Children should be warned of dangerous conditions and caregivers should maintain a close watch on children who are outside.

The Trent Severn Waterway is reassessing the situation on a daily basis and are adjusting flows through water control structures to relieve pressure in the affected areas. Local Conservation Authorities post regular updates. Please use the links provided below to access information on local watershed conservation authority websites. 

Burnt and Gull River levels are monitored by staff from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). Residents along these two rivers are requested to direct any questions concerning water levels to the MNRF Minden Area office at 705-286-5207 or refer to the messages issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) at

Additional information from the Trent Severn Waterway is available at the Water Management InfoNet web page at .

Flood Watch/Flood Warning In Effect: Burnt, Irondale, and York Rivers

Date Posted: April 18, 2019

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) – Bancroft District is advising area residents that a Flood Watch and a Flood Warning for the Burnt, Irondale, and York Rivers are in effect for Bancroft District.

The complete Bullentin is available at the following link:

Residents of Bancroft District should keep a close watch on conditions, regularly check for updated messages and exercise caution near fast-moving rivers and streams.

Please alert any children under your care to these dangers and supervise their activities. Residents who have a historic susceptibility to flooding should take appropriate precautions to protect their property, such as ensuring sump pumps are functioning and securing items that may float away as water levels rise.

MNRF is closely monitoring the weather and developing watershed conditions. Further updates will be issued as appropriate.

The 5-day forecast suggests 50-65 mm of rainfall with most of the precipitation falling from today through to Saturday. Air temperatures are forecasted to reach 15°C with nighttime temperatures above 0°C across the entire district.

Due to mostly frozen conditions, the ground’s ability to absorb runoff and snowmelt is limited. The potential exists for nuisance flooding of roadways, ditches, and low-lying flood-prone areas as the melt progresses. There may be potential for minor ice jam related flooding on some rivers. A close watch on local forecasts and conditions is recommended.

Expiry Date:
This message will expire on 04/23/2019 11:59 PM

Flood Watch: potential for flooding exists within specific watercourses and municipalities
Flood Warning: flooding is imminent or occurring within specific watercourses and municipalities

Contact Information
MNRF Bancroft District Office
Luke Hillyer, IRM Technical Specialist, Bancroft District, 613-332-3940, x 216

MNRF Minden Field Office
Kris Windover, IRM Technical Specialist, Minden Field Office, Bancroft District, 705-286-5207

A close watch on local conditions and weather forecasts from Environment Canada is recommended. Environment Canada bulletins can be found at

The Surface Water Monitoring Centre public webpage can be found here:
Parks Canada Water Management Updates can be found here:

Notice of Passing: Municipal-Wide Development Charges By-law

Date Posted:

Take Notice that the Council of the Municipality of Trent Lakes passed a Municipal-Wide Development Charge By-law No. B2019-041 on the 16th day of April, 2019 under Section 2(1) of the Development Charges Act, 1997, as amended;

And Take Notice that any person or organization may appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal under Section 14 of the Act, in respect of the development charge by-law, by filing with the Clerk of the Municipality of Trent Lakes on or before the 28th day of May, 2019, a notice of appeal setting out the objection to the by-law and the reasons supporting the objection.

The schedule of development charges imposed by the by-law, which came into effect on April 17, 2019, are provided in the link below:

B2019-041 Schedule B

No key map has been provided as the by-law applies to all lands located within the Municipality of Trent Lakes. A copy of the complete by-law is available for examination at the Municipality of Trent Lakes administrative office at 760 Peterborough County Road 36, Trent Lakes, ON K0M 1A0, during regular business hours (weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) excluding statutory holidays.

Dated this 17th day of April, 2019.

Kari Stevenson, Clerk
Municipality of Trent Lakes
705-738-3800 ext 240

Watershed Conditions Statement – Flood Outlook

Date Posted: April 17, 2019

The Kawartha Conservation advises a Watershed Conditions Statement – Flood Outlook is now in effect for the entire jurisdiction of the Kawartha Conservation watershed. This message replaces Watershed Conditions Statement – Water Safety -Kawartha Lakes that was issued Tuesday, April 16th 2019.

A strong low pressure system is predicted to pass through southern Ontario, including the Kawartha Conservation watershed, in the next three days, bringing significant amounts of precipitation. Rain is expected to start tonight persisting into Saturday. As forecast by the Ministry of Natural Resources, total precipitation of up to 50 mm can be expected over the next three days with locally higher amounts possible due to thunderstorms.

Water levels in local rivers and streams within the watershed are still slightly elevated from the past precipitation events. The ground is saturated and does not have much capacity to absorb additional precipitation. Therefore, the forecast precipitation is expected to produce significant runoff. 

As a result, water levels and velocities in local watercourses will increase. Water accumulation may occur in low-lying areas, road ditches, and areas with poor drainage. Rivers and streams may reach or overflow in some locations, their banks. Smaller steams will react quickly, but larger watercourses will take longer to respond.

The water levels in the large Kawartha Lakes will continue to increase as a large amount of water is passing through the system toward Lake Ontario. As reported by Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Trent-Severn Waterway, flow in the northern tributaries will keep increasing as a result of intensified runoff from the snowmelt and precipitation. As those rivers flow into the Kawartha Lakes, water levels of Balsam, Cameron, Sturgeon and Pigeon Lakes will continue to rise.

Under current watershed conditions and expected precipitation, all local rivers, streams, and lakes should be considered extremely dangerous. Riverbanks will be slippery and unsafe, and may be undercut. Kawartha Conservation is warning all residents to stay away from water bodies, as well as water structures such as bridges, culverts, and dams. Children should be warned of dangerous conditions and caregivers should maintain a close watch on children who are outside.

Municipalities are advised to monitor areas known for minor flooding and be prepared to respond to high water situations as they occur. Residents are advised to contact their municipalities should a flood threat develop. Local municipalities are first to respond to and assist with flood emergencies.

Trent-Severn Waterway officials are monitoring water levels and flows throughout the system very closely and make adjustments to the water control structures as required. Additional information from the TSW is available at the Water Management InfoNet web page .

Water levels of northern tributaries such as the Gull and Burnt rivers continue increasing. For additional information on Gull and Burnt River conditions please refer to the messages issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) at or contact the Minden Area office at 705-286-5207.

Kawartha Conservation will continue monitoring local watercourses and notify the public and municipalities within its watershed jurisdiction of any changes. We are in close communication with partner agencies such as the Trent Severn Waterway, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, and neighbouring Conservation Authorities on this situation.

If you are aware of or have concerns about flooding, please contact Kawartha Conservation at 705-328-2271 or 705-344-0155 after hours.

This Watershed Conditions Statement-Flood Outlook will be in effect through Tuesday, April 23rd, 2018.

Iryna Shulyarenko

Emma Collyer
Director, Integrated Watershed

Green, yellow, orange and red blocks in  a line. A yellow comment bubble points to the yellow block and states Watershed Conditions Statement Flood Outlook to indicate caution.

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