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Caution While Enjoying Recreational Water Activities

North Pigeon Lake Association has notified the municipality that they collect water samples on behalf of the Kawartha Lake Stewards Association and reported a recent test sample had an Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria count of 72 cfu/100 mL in the vicinity of Bell Haven Trailer Park, on Pigeon Lake.

Residents and visitors to the area are advised to exercise caution while enjoying recreational water activities, especially if they or family members are vulnerable due to age (young children or elderly) or autoimmune health issues or sensitivities.

Peterborough Public Health advises the following:

  • When the level of E. coli exceeds 100 cfu/100mL water, the water is unsafe for recreational use, including human bathing (swimming).
  • Elevated bacterial counts are a potential threat to human health.

Recreational water may have unsafe levels of bacteria due to:

  •  Heavy rainfall such as the amounts received over the last several days
  • Large numbers of water fowl
  • High winds or wave activity
  • Large numbers of swimmers