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Candidate Information

Interpretation of Election Campaign Signs

This is to provide a written interpretation from the Clerk’s Department of the new sign requirements under the Municipal Elections Act, 1996, regarding:

Subsection 88.3(2) which states, “An election campaign advertisement purchased by or under the direction of a candidate shall identify the candidate.”

Subsection 88.5(1) which states, “No registered third party shall cause a third party advertisement to appear during the restricted period unless the advertisement contains the following information:

  1. The name of the registered third party.
  2. The municipality where the registered third party is registered.
  3. A telephone number, mailing address or email address at which the registered third party may be contacted regarding the advertisement.”

It is the opinion of the Clerk that the Ministry of Municipal Affairs did not provide clear directions on the candidate election campaign signs, only the third party advertisers’. Therefore, the interpretation of Subsection 88.3(2) is that a traditional or standard election campaign sign that states, “Elect…”, “Re-elect…”, “Vote for…” or similar wording meets identification requirements under the new rules and no additional identification information will be required on those signs.

Advertisements from third parties have clear directions set out in the Act which need to be adhered to.