Ontario has transitioned into the recovery phase with the new Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act

Report Covid-19 non-compliance to OPP at 1-888-310-1122.  Report after hours By-Law complaint to 705-738-3800, ext. 311.

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Message from the Mayor

A Message from the Mayor
Posted October 2, 2020

Well here goes. Just when we thought we were rounding the bend, surprise. It really should not be a surprise as we all know what we have to do and we can’t be letting our guard down. This virus is very sneaky and just lying in wait for people who think it isn’t their problem. On another note. We have been asked about street lights in several places around the municipality and this isn’t possible at this time. However a florescent vest, which is very inexpensive, is a really good item for not only walkers but also bikers. Remember a car is much bigger than you and the ability to protect yourself is quite affordable. Another tip when walking in the evening or early morning. Sunlight filtering through the trees make you very hard to see. Please wear light colors.

Last but not least. It has come to my attention that the moose are out and about in very large numbers this fall. Several people have had collisions with them and because of their build (very long legs), they like to land on your hood and windshield. Please be extra cautious. We don`t want to lose any of you. One last thing. Many of you will be staying in Trent lakes for the winter this year, please make sure your chimney is clean and preparations for snow removal are in place. Sand will again be available.

We have heard your voices large, loud, and clear concerning short term rentals and we have struck a committee to investigate the best way to bring some controls to the issue. Interviews are being conducted with stake holders and we are gathering the best advice from a variety of sources so as to get this right. I know some of you have been very patient but I feel a solution is possible so please bear with us a little longer.

Have a safe Thanksgiving and please protect yourself and others. We only have one live to live.

Mayor Janet Clarkson