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Message from the Mayor

January 18, 2017

Welcome to 2018.  On behalf of myself and Council I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year

Christmas seems like ages ago and most have packed all decorations away for the next time.  It really does seem like a lot of work for such a short period of time, but I do love it.

Now we can look forward to Valentine’s and Family Day and then count the days before spring arrives.  It is quite a cycle that we go through and with each season we have something to look forward to.

Economic Development will continue with Buckhorn improvements through the Community Improvement Plan.  It will be especially exciting planning the new waterfront property in Buckhorn close to the locks.   Remember if you have a name for this new park, please submit it to the office for consideration.

If you haven’t volunteered before and have some extra time, your time would be appreciated to help in many areas.  Call the Buckhorn Community Centre, Trent Lakes Library, Buckhorn School, Community Care or the Trent Lakes office.

Our transfer stations are moving along in a positive way and most people know how to recycle everything and if they need help the attendants are more than willing to help and to advise where needed.  We have had one year of the clear bag program and it has proven to generate less garbage.

In terms of growth we look forward to the new Central Road Depot getting started to provide a much needed facility to protect our valuable fleet.

2018 will be the third year for the mandatory septic inspections and each year brings us closer to solving environmental issues caused by faulty septic systems.

Enjoy the balance left of winter and stay warm….spring will be here before we know it.

 Bev Matthews
Proud Mayor of Trent Lakes


Copy of Mayor Matthews’ Inagural Speech