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Message from the Mayor

Photo of red maple leaf on ground in foreground surrounded by other fall leaves and treesWell, like it or not, fall is creeping up on us! I hope you had a great summer and I welcomed all the conversations I had with many of you.

We at the Municipality have been busy – we have appointed an Interim CAO, Donna Teggart, who will be Treasurer and Interim CAO for the next few months. Our long-time Fire Chief, Don Mitchell, will be retiring at the end of the year. He has served this Municipality well over fifteen years. Best of luck on your retirement, Don – you have earned it. Lucky for us, Steve Brockbank, who has been the Deputy Fire Chief, has accepted the role of the new Chief. We are lucky to have such capable people who have the expertise to move us forward with their extensive knowledge.

An election promise to remove the quarterly restrictions on garbage disposal is now a reality. However, your co-operation is necessary through this one year trial to assess the volume change. Please do your best to continue to do the good work.

We received news that we are going to receive a terrific grant from Infrastructure Canada and the Government of Ontario which will allow us to finish the roadwork on Beaver Lake Road and reallocate money to other projects.

Remember to keep your eaves troughs clean, as a spark is all it takes to cause a fire.

Pocket dialing 911 or careless use of the 911 service costs valuable resources plus costing officers’ time when a true emergency may be taking place elsewhere. 911 is not disabled once your phone is no longer in use, so it is not advisable to allow children to play with old phones.

We are considering by-law enforcement for the Municipality. I know that for some people who are most affected, it must seem like we are doing little but this matter takes time and we want it to be right.

I am just a phone call away and I appreciate hearing from you. Be safe and enjoy the fall colours.

Mayor Janet Clarkson