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Message from the Mayor

May 16, 2017

Happy Spring Everyone

Seems like wherever we go we comment on the weather and in the last month we have had plenty to talk about.  Just this past couple of weeks alone we have experienced warm weather, cold weather, snow, flooding and warnings of freezing temperatures.  It is hard to know what to wear, when to plant and whether to buy those beautiful floral baskets because most often we have to cover them up for a few weeks.

Summer will be here before we know it and then our population will sky rocket as the tourists  return after their long winter back in the cities or away to a warmer climate.  Remember to help the tourists if they need directions or guidance and let them go away with a good feeling about the residents of Trent Lakes.

If you need extra help around the cottage or house be sure to engage a local person as they are looking for jobs.  No need  to stress over all that you have to do when there are keen kids just waiting to make a few dollars.

Our transfer stations are getting excellent reviews from the County and Trent Lakes is leading the way in Waste Reduction.  Most people I talk to produce around 2 bags of garbage per month and some even less.  Remember that recycling is free so please continue doing your part to make Trent Lakes stay on top of the list of champion recyclers.

Residents are reminded that waste cards are not replaced as per By-Law B2016-142 as they hold a monetary value.   An access pass will be given to residents who require a replacement waste card.  One access pass per year can be given free of charge and anything in addition to this is $25/access pass.  Additional or replacement waste cards can be purchased if a resident wishes to do so.

Discover Trent Lakes continues for another year with new places to visit and discover. It is a fun activity, gets you out exploring and you can win some great prizes.

The Community Improvement Plan continues so look for new features in the Hamlet of Buckhorn. There is some new housing on Adam and Eve Rd. and William Street that is just beautiful and a welcome addition to Buckhorn.

School will be out next month so please watch out for our greatest resource…our children.

Enjoy the summer of 2017 and be sure to take in all of the special Canada 150 events.

 Bev Matthews
Mayor of Trent Lakes

Copy of Mayor Matthews’ Inagural Speech