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Message from the Mayor

October 1, 2017

Fall leaf close up on path of other fall leavesHappy Autumn to the Residents of Trent Lakes

The weather continues to be the hot topic of discussion.  I don’t think we have ever experienced the weather conditions that we have had this past year.  In the spring and early summer it was all about rain and we wondered when summer would ever arrive.  Now 4 months later we are enjoying the summer we never had.  Our gardens are looking their best, people are swimming in warm lake temperatures and the grass continues to need cutting.  Perhaps we will get this beautiful summer weather right on through to November.  Wishful thinking I know but I am positive about this gift we have been handed.

Many exciting things are happening in your municipality as we near the end of 2017.   The community improvement plan continues in Buckhorn and I hope you have all noticed the new Buckhorn sign at the bend in the road where the bench and beautiful flowers are also located.   We are now the proud owners of the waterfront property next to the Mainstreet Landing Restaurant and plans are in progress to clean it up, have organized parking, a park and a boardwalk.  This was the missing piece of the puzzle to do something much needed in the Hamlet.   Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped cleanup and I just want you to know your efforts are very much appreciated.  The addition of garbage receptacles have also been added to help with the tidy look of our parks and built up areas.   Let’s not forget the new bridge and light fixtures that look awesome.

In 2018 you will see more improvements with the build of our central roads depot, park improvements at Sandy Lake and in the Hamlet We will decide on a name for the new park in Buckhorn so please be a part of this.

I would like to thank our employees for all of the hard work they continue to do to make Trent Lakes a proud place to live.   We are the envy of other areas and you help put us there.  One area that constantly receives compliments is our transfer station attendants.  Even if you might not agree with the new garbage rules be polite to those that are the messengers.

Enjoy this fantastic weather, go for more boat rides, walks, bike rides or drives to areas you have never been before and above all enjoy family and friends.  Last but not least take the time to thank someone for what they do for you.

 Bev Matthews
Proud Mayor of Trent Lakes


Copy of Mayor Matthews’ Inagural Speech