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Message from the Mayor

March 26, 2017

Spring Message from Mayor Bev Matthews


Come on spring, we are all cheering you on!  This seems like a repeat scenario from last year’s spring message.  There was a picture of tulips covered in snow and today there is freezing rain and everyone is staying indoors to avoid inclement weather.  What is happening with the springs we used to know?

As I sit at my desk the temperature is -2, there is no sun, my truck is encrusted with ice and the woodstove needs another log.  This is a good day to stay put, finish unfinished business and reflect on the positive things we have done in our area.

Start to make a list of the priorities of the must-do’s as the weather warms up.  There are still piles of snow and as those piles melt we see the unveiling of many tasks.  For some there might be the balance of last year’s leaves that didn’t get raked up, or gravel that the snow plow pushed onto your grass from the driveway.  There might even be chunks of sod that got torn up from the plows.  All in all we have work to do and a list to prioritize would be helpful.

While raking a couple of days ago I could see the little points of some hostas just waiting to push on through and the crocus plants were also sprouting. I was even thinking of taking the snow blower to blast out the remaining piles of snow to help Mother Nature along.

Trent Lakes introduced a new clear garbage bag policy this year.  Change is always such a challenge but at the time of this message our residents have reduced waste generation by 51 tonnes. It is an astonishing amount and I hope our residents will continue to be patient and cooperative with our staff.  Residents should be very proud of this accomplishment.

Trent Lakes has some great projects starting this summer.  Hopefully the bridge in Buckhorn is complete by the long weekend in May.  The new lights on the bridge will look amazing.  The Community Improvement Plan will continue with spring clean-up starting early in April.  Our Economic Development group has great ideas for this year and if you would care to help, please let us know.

‘Discover Trent Lakes’ is going to press very soon and there will be more exciting places to explore and great prizes to win.

We’re ready for you spring so don’t be shy.

 Bev Matthews
Mayor of Trent Lakes

Copy of Mayor Matthews’ Inagural Speech