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Message from the Mayor

A Message from the Mayor

First, let me thank all the people, who are too numerous to name, who are putting their own well-being at risk to make sure the rest of us have what we deem to be necessities of life.

Having said that, we can make everyone’s lives a lot safer if we follow the rules. Please remember to dispose of your household waste and recycling into the proper receptacles at the Transfer Stations. We are keeping these facilities open at this time because attendants are continuing to work, however, if the rules are not followed we may have to look at closing these sites.

If you are wearing a mask and/or gloves, please take the proper steps to dispose of these products. As these items have been turning up in the ditches, please be reminded that there is a fine for littering. All facial tissues, medical masks and/or gloves and disinfecting wipes should be placed in the garbage.

98% of people I have come into contact with are doing their best to comply with the rules for their own safety and the safety of others. We must not let 2% put the rest of the people in danger, either physically or by losing freedoms that may have to be further restricted due to non-compliance.

If you have been away for an extended period of time, please go immediately into quarantine. Our Fire Department staff have been working tirelessly since the outbreak of this virus and we do not want to put them, or the public, at a greater risk. Please be reminded that our Transfer Stations are currently only accepting household waste and recycling.

If you have a few extra pennies to spare, you can donate them to Community Care in Buckhorn (Box 12,  Buckhorn ON K0L 1J0) or any other organization that you are comfortable with at this time. Many people are in need and the numbers will only grow. If you are in need you can contact Community Care Buckhorn at: Jodie Mulder, 705-657-2171 or 705-760-3879, or

Thank you for being good citizens and stay well.

Mayor Janet Clarkson