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Building & Planning

*Updated Mar 02, 2021* Current level of service:

The Municipality of Trent Lakes Building and Planning Department is responsible for providing a wide range of advisory and regulatory services relating to land use planning and development as well as the enforcement of the Ontario Building Code and Municipal By-laws. The Building and Planning Department operates as a one-window approach to building and development in the Municipality by providing assistance to builders, designers and home owners, reviewing drawings, and enforcing the zoning by-law and building codes. The Building and Planning department works hard to ensure that privately- and publicly-owned buildings where we live, work and play are safe.

Please note: As of April 1, 2016, the Municipality of Trent Lakes amended the application process for building permits, Minor Variances and Zoning By-law Amendments by requesting a survey for any construction (not including a sewage system) within the 30 m water yard setback. This survey is to be prepared by an Ontario Land Surveyor. If the application is to rebuild on the same footprint, the Chief Building Official requires a Surveyor’s Real Property Report in lieu of a survey. If the property is located on any body of water governed by the Trent Severn Waterway, a flood contour line is to be added.

What are Development Charges?

Development charges are fees collected from developers and builders at the time a building permit is issued. The fees pay for a variety of growth related capital projects such as infrastructure. The also cover a variety of Municipal services including: library, fire facilities, indoor recreation, park development and facilities, roads, operations, parking and general government. The Director of Finance must submit an annual report to Council for the previous year’s status of the Development Charges Reserve Funds. This report identifies the opening and closing balances, total of receipts and expenditures of the Development Charges Reserve Funds once the year-end financial statements have been audited.


The Official Plan describes the municipal policies for guiding proper land use and development in the community. The Official Plan outlines where residential, industrial and commercial areas are contemplated. Council undertakes the preparation of the Official Plan with input from the public, ministries and other agencies. The Official Plan must conform to the policies of the County Official Plan and provincial plans and policies including the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) under the Planning Act and the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

The Comprehensive Zoning By-law is the legal document that regulates the use of land within the Municipality. The by-law determines what each parcel of land can be used for, where and what type of buildings and structures are permitted, and the requirements for lot sizes, parking lots, building heights and setbacks. The Zoning By-law must conform to the policies of the Municipal Official Plan and County Official Plan.

For more information regarding the Municipality’s Official Plan or Comprehensive Zoning By-law, please visit our Official Plan & Zoning By-law page.

Contact the Planning Technician if you have any questions with respect to the zoning and permitted uses for your property or the processing of planning applications such as Minor Variances, Zoning By-law Amendments, Official Plan Amendments, Severance Applications, or Site Plan Approval.


The Ontario Building Code Act and the Ontario Building Code regulates the construction of buildings and structures in order to  protect the health, safety and welfare of the public and building occupants. The primary responsibility of the Building Department is the issuance of Building Permits requiring plans review, permit processing and field inspections as required by Municipal Bylaw and the Ontario Building Code. All applications must be reviewed to verify compliance with the Comprehensive Zoning By-law and other by-laws as applicable.

In addition, the Building Department is also responsible for other By-law Enforcement and Property Standards for the Municipality. Complaints regarding by-law enforcement or property standards must be made in writing to the Municipality using our complaint form.

The administration of the Sign By-law is also a function of the Building Department, which includes the issuance of permits, enforcement of the By-law and collection of fees. If you are located in the Community Improvement Plan Area of Buckhorn, you must comply with specific guidelines and have a permit for your sign. If you are replacing your sign, please visit our Economic Development website to see if you are eligible for our grant funding.


Building and Planning Department
760 County Road #36
Trent Lakes, ON  K0M 1A0

Phone: 705-738-3800 or 1-800-374-4009
Fax: 705-738-3801

To book a building inspection please contact the Building and Planning Administrative Assistant at 705-738-3800 ext. 233.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday – 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.