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In Water Structures

In water structures

*New in water boathouses are not permitted within the Municipality of Trent Lakes

*Existing in water boathouses and other non-compliant structures constructed prior to July 1st 2009, may be repaired and maintained only. Expansion or replacement is not permitted.

-No structures greater than 10m2 or 107 square feet
-No structures above 2′ above grade/high water mark
-No roofs, canopies, or other overhead structures
-No walls or screens

A dock or swim platform is permitted where it follow the below criteria:
-Must be less than 10m2 or 107 square feet in total area
-Must be structurally independent of any other structure of building
-Must be 5m from the projection of the side lot line
-Must extend no greater than 3m from the high water mark and may not interfere with boat traffic
-Must be approved by and meet all requirements and limitations of other agencies having jurisdiction

Other agencies that govern the waterways reserve the right to require the removal of any in water structure at any time.

It is important to ensure that your property insurance provider is property notified of any in water structures and that they are not contained on your property. Failure to do so may result in the insurance company limiting or denying coverage in the event of a claim.

Real Estate Transactions
It is the responsibility of a seller to notify any potential purchaser of any in water structures and that they are not contained within the legal boundary of the property for sale. Potential purchasers are advised to ensure that any in water structures are clearly listed or exluded as part of any real estate transaction

Exclusive Use
It is important to note that any in water structures do not benefit from the same exclusive use(restricted access / no trespassing) provisions that are granted to private property owners, unless an exclusive use lease agreement is granted by the Crown or its agencies.

Most water front properties with the Municipality of Trent Lakes are only deeded ownership to the current high water mark. Where the high water mark has changed the new property boundary is updated accordingly (i.e. property owners do not maintain ownership of ‘drowned‘ land). Any new foundation or fill added to the water way automatically becomes the property of the Crown as specified in legislation.