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By-Laws & Enforcement

Proactive Enforcement

The Municipality of Trent Lakes will be proactive in bringing by-law violations to the attention of individuals and property owners, and work hard to reach satisfactory resolutions in a timely manner.

Property Standards

Trent Lakes has a Property Standards By-Law setting out the minimum standards for building and property maintenance within the municipality. Standards prescribed in the bylaw are intended to outline the reasonable maintenance and upkeep of yards, buildings and properties.

Complaint Form

To file a complaint regarding a by-law contravention please download the By-Law Complaint form below. The form must be filled out completely and requires a signature. Please read the instructions on the form carefully.  You can return the form by email, fax or mail to the By-Law Enforcement Officer. If you have a question regarding the Complaint Form please contact the Municipal office.

By-law Enforcement Complaint Form

Common Municipal By-Laws

Common County By-Laws

If you plan to install or have a sign on any of the Peterborough County Roads (i.e. County Rd 507 or 36) you must contact the County of Peterborough and adhere to their Sign By-law.