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Tax Rates

Annual taxes are calculated by multiplying the assessed value of your property by the current year Municipal tax rate which is set yearly based on budget requirements. This tax rate is made up of a Municipal portion, a County portion (also set based on budget requirements), and an Education portion which is set by the Province of Ontario.

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation determines the assessed value of each property.

For capping/clawback information please contact the municipal tax office at 705-738-3800 Ext. 228.

Or by mail:
Municipal Tax Office
760 County Road 36
Trent Lakes  ON  K0M 1A0

Property Tax Information Rates

2018 Rates

Residential/Farm 0.00878715
Commercial 0.01868595
Commercial Vacant 0.01308017
Industrial 0.02433689
Industrial Vacant 0.01581898
Farmlands 0.00219679
Managed Forests 0.00219679

2017 Rates

Residential/Farm 0.00882322
Commercial 0.01912669
Commercial Vacant 0.01338868
Industrial 0.02475367
Industrial Vacant 0.01608988
Farmlands 0.00220581
Managed Forests 0.00220581

 2016 Rates

Residential/Farm 0.00872928
Commercial 0.01932461
Commercial Vacant 0.01352723
Industrial 0.0255698
Industrial Vacant 0.01662036
Farmlands 0.00218232
Managed Forests 0.00218232