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Waste Disposal and Fees

Waste Disposal Sites

You must be a resident of the Municipality and show a waste disposal I.D. card (either a Waste Card or an Access Pass) to be admitted to any of the Municipal Waste Transfer Sites. Failure to do so will result in your being refused entrance to the site. In compliance with the Ministry of the Environment Regulations only refuse generated within the Municipality can be accepted at the sites.

Waste Disposal By-Laws

All residents and visitors are advised to read the Waste Disposal By-law as well as the Fees and Charges By-law, Schedule “F” for a full explanation of all applicable fees, available services and programs, restrictions and limitations and enforcement at all Waste Transfer Sites.

Access Pass:

An Access Pass shall be issued with the interim tax bill for each property listed on the Municipal tax roll as non-residential, vacant property, hunt camps, or recreational bush camps. The Access Pass permits these property owners access to any of the Transfer Stations.

If the original Access Pass is lost, one replacement Access Pass will be provided to the property owner free of charge per year. An additional replacement Access Pass may be issued to a property owner for a fee of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars.

Mandatory Clear Garbage Bags

The use of clear garbage bags is mandatory within the Municipality of Trent Lakes.   A clear bag is a semi-transparent bag no larger than 26″ by 36″ (66 cm by 91 cm), which may be clear, blue, orange, etc. but shall be transparent enough for inspection of its contents by an Attendant.

A ‘Privacy Bag’ is a non-transparent opaque bag no larger than 12″ by 14″ (30 cm by 35 cm) that may contain personal/private waste not for inspection by an Attendant. Please refer to the Waste Disposal By-law in the link below for information governing the use of a privacy bag.

Waste Cards

A Waste Card shall be issued to the registered owner with the interim tax bill for each occupied residential property listed on the Municipal tax roll for the disposal of residential household waste at the Transfer Stations.

Vacant properties, commercial properties, industrial properties, hunt camps, recreational bush camps, etc. will not receive a Waste Card.

The waste card allows residents to dispose of bags of garbage within the valid quarter at no additional charge. The waste card has been divided equally into quarters (3 months per quarter). Usage of the card to dispose of bags of garbage is only valid during the quarter dates specified. Additional bags can be disposed of and will be subject to the $1 a bag fee.

  • You cannot copy, duplicate, or replicate a Waste Card.
  • Lost, stolen or misplaced Waste Cards by any means will not be replaced.
  • Landlords are responsible for ensuring their tenants receive the Waste Card. If you are a tenant in the Municipality, renting from the registered property owner, you must obtain the Waste Card from your landlord.


All Waste Transfer fees charged by the Municipality of Trent Lakes are listed within the B2020-030 – Fees and Charges By-Law.

Residential household waste: $1 per bag unless a Waste Card is presented.

A bag of household garbage means up to a maximum of 77 litres (66 x 91 cm or 26 x 36 inches). Waste that is disposed of using a garbage bag over the maximum of 77 litres will mean two punches on the Waste Card.

Larger or commercial-sized garbage bags are $2 each.

The Waste Site Attendant reserves the right to charge an appropriate fee for any item not listed under the B2020-030 – Fees and Charges By-Law, under the authorization of the Superintendent of Public Works.

Payment by cash, cheque or debit.

Recycle materials are free of charge but you will require a card to gain access onto any of the waste sites.

If You Rent Your Cottage

Cottage Kits are available for purchase.

Kits are available at the Municipal Office, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or at any of the Transfer Stations during their hours of operation.

The cottage kits are $3.00 each and must be purchased by the registered property owner. Each Cottage Kit contains everything a renter requires to manage their weekly garbage and recycling while vacationing

Please see this Cottage Kits Flyer for more information.

How to Use Waste Wizard

What goes where? If you are having difficulty determining if an item is a recyclable or normal household garbage you can use the Waste Wizard.

Waste Wizard is a handy database if you are unsure how to dispose of an item. Just type the item your unsure of into the What do you want to recycle? box.

Select Collection Requirement at the bottom centre of the module and you will be taken to a list of headings on the following: Recycling Programs, Garbage Program, Transfer Stations hours and locations, Household Hazardous Waste, Leaf and Yard, Environment Event Days. By clicking on each heading you will be provided with information on that item specific to Trent Lakes.

At anytime you can select the home icon in the upper right corner of the module to reset the module for a new search.

Photo of Amazon Alexa beside a Google Assistant hands free voice devicesRecycle Coach Voice App

Recycling and waste information is now available on Amazon Assistant or Amazon Alexa using the County Recycle Coach program. Get localized disposal information for thousands of common, and not so common, household items easily and conveniently by voice.

Photo of two smart phones. The first one is leaning against the second so that its screen can be seen displaying the My Waste App.Smartphone My Waste App

You can also download the My Waste app with complete waste and recycling information in County of Peterborough on your smartphone from the Apple App Store or the Android Google Play App.