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Mobile Hazardous Waste Collection

Mobile Event Schedule: Cavendish Community Centre

On Sunday July 14th, 2019 the County of Peterborough Waste Management Division will be holding a Mobile Hazardous Waste Collection Event at 32 Community Complex Drive on County Road 507 in Trent Lakes Township. The Hazardous waste event will operate from 11am until 2pm.

A description of what the County will typically be collecting during the Mobile Hazardous Waste Event is as follows:

Paints, Organic Flammable material, Pesticides, Fertilizer, Fluorescent Tubes and Bulbs, Auto Batteries, Alkaline Batteries, Rechargeable Batteries and Lithium Batteries, Acids, Alkaline waste, Oxidizers, Propane-large and small cylinders, Aerosols, Motor oil, Antifreeze and Fuels.

Motor oil, Antifreeze and Fuel will not be bulked on site. Residents must leave their containers if they wish to dispose of these waste streams. These waste streams will be packaged in separate plastic lined cubic meter boxes (gaylords) on skids or depending on quantity, lab packed in lined 45 gallon drums.

Sample household hazardous waste empty containers