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Otonabee Conservation has a Flood Watch in Effect, Kawartha Conservation a Flood Outlook Statement

Otonabee Conservation Watershed Flood Watch

Otonabee Conservation has issued a Flood Watch to alert residents and businesses located along the shores of the region’s lakes, rivers, streams and creeks that flood conditions are a possibility.

Otonabee Conservation Flood Watch Webpage Notice 

Kawartha Conservation Watershed Statement of Flood Outlook:

At this time, rivers and streams within the Kawartha Conservation watershed jurisdiction are flowing at low levels. However, the ground is already saturated as a result of yesterday’s rain, and could be partially frozen at the northern portion of the watershed (north of Fenelon Falls). Therefore, the forecast precipitation, especially if a majority comes as rain, is expected to produce significant runoff.  As a result, water levels and velocities in local watercourses will increase. Water accumulation may occur in low-lying areas, road ditches, and areas with poor drainage. Rivers and streams may reach or exceed in some locations, their bankfull conditions. Smaller steams will react fast, while it takes longer for larger watercourses to respond.

Kawartha Conservation Flood Outlook Webpage Statement