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Post-Election Questionnaire

Post-Election Questionnaire

This Post-Election Questionnaire has been designed to obtain feedback about the 2018 Municipal Election.

Thank you for your participation! The deadline to submit your questionnaire is March 31, 2019.

1. Please select your age range:

2. Do you consider yourself a:

3. At your property in Trent Lakes, are you a(n):

4. Please select all that you have access to:
Cell PhoneHome PhoneComputer/tablet with internet connectionI don't have access to any of these
5. Did you vote in the 2018 Municipal Election in Trent Lakes?

6. If you did not vote, please select a reason below and skip to Question 11.

Please specify:

7. Which method did you use to vote?

8. Would you vote using the same method in the next election?

9. Where did you vote?

Please specify:

10. If you required voting assistance, who did you receive it from?

11. How did you hear about electronic voting for the 2018 Trent Lakes Municipal Election?

Please specify:

12. How often have you voted in municipal elections?

13. How would you like to vote in the next municipal election?

14. Do you have concerns about electronic voting and if so what is your top concern?

Please specify:

15. Rate your satisfaction with electronic voting in the following areas:
a. Ease
b. Convenience
c. Accessibility
d. Privacy
e. Overall Satisfaction
16. This space is for your to address any specific comments you may have about the 2018 Municipal Election in Trent Lakes.