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    Animal Control

    The Peterborough Humane Society has been contracted by the Municipality of Trent Lakes to provide animal control services. If you encounter a loose dog in your neighbourhood, you should first contain the dog and put a leash on it if you can, and call the  Peterborough Humane Society

    Dogs must be licensed in the Municipality with either a current municipal dog tag or a current dog tag issued from the dog’s area of permanent residence.

    Dogs are not permitted on any public beaches in the Municipality. Please respect the rights of others and be a responsible owner by leaving your pets at home when you are visiting these areas.

    Dog Tags

    Dog tags are available at Municipal office, 701 County Road 36, and all waste transfer stations during their normal business hours.

    Price before March 31st: $12.00/each
    Price after March 31st: $20/each

    Dog tags for next year will not be available for sale until December of this year.

    Every attempt is made to locate an owner and return a lost dog to its home so please ensure that all licence and/or ID tags are up to date. Remember, a dog must be licensed and you will be considered liable.

    If you are a dog owner please review the By-law: “Regulate and License of Dogs, Kennel Operations and Prohibiting and Regulating of the Running Dogs at Large By-law, B2003-69.


    Currently cats are deemed feral animals and as such are not required to be licensed.

    Bear Problems

    If you’re having a bear problem please click here for information from the Ministry of Natural Resources.

    Limitations on the Number of Dogs Permitted Per Property

    • A total of 3 dogs are permitted per parcel of land consisting of 2 acres or less, regardless of how many owners reside on the property.
    • A total of 4 dogs are permitted per parcel of land consisting of more than 2 acres of land and not exceeding 25 acres.
    • No more than a total of 10 dogs are permitted on a parcel of land of more than 25 acres.

    Clean Up after Your Dog

    In accordance with By-Law B2003-69, S. 2.1 it is an offence for anyone to allow a dog to deposit waste (feces) on private property or property of the municipality unless that person without leaving the scene picks up the waste and disposes of it in a proper manner.