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    Police Services

    Police services are provided by to the Municipality of Trent Lakes by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Peterborough County Division.

    Police Services Board

    The Municipality of Trent Lakes Police Services Board is mandated by the Ontario Police Services Act. Police services for the municipality are provided by the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) through a contract between the municipality and the Province.

    The Municipality of Trent Lakes Police Services Board consists of three members, one appointed by the Municipality, one Council representative, and one appointed by the Province. Under Ontario’s Police Services Act, the Board has a duty to ensure that effective and efficient police services, including crime prevention, are provided to the Municipality of Trent Lakes.

    There are three Community Policing Committees established in the Municipality of Trent Lakes, one for each of the municipality’s three Wards. Community Policing Committees are made up of a group of civilian volunteers who live in a Ward of the Municipality. There is also a council representative appointed to each committee by a by-law to act as a liaison between the Council and the Community Policing Committee.

    • Cavendish Community Policing Committee
    – Council Representative – Deputy Mayor Ron Windover
    • Galway Community Policing Committee (Currently not active)
    • Harvey Community Policing Committee
    – Council Representative – Councillor Matthews

    The Committees have no mandated authority but work with the O.P.P. towards identifying and addressing community concerns unique to each Ward and provide suggestions to assist with improved local police services and positive contributions to community safety and well-being.

    Police Services Board Minutes of Meetings

    The Police Services Board meets every other month at 9:30 am in the Board Room of the Municipal Office located at 701 County Road 36. In 2012 the meeting dates are February 21, April 17, June 19, August 21, October 16, and December 18. All meetings are open to the public.

    Only approved minutes will be posted to the website. Due to the amount of information in the file, the link may take a minute or two to open – please be patient. If you have any questions regarding the Police Services Board please contact Bob Angione, Clerk and Police Services Board Secretary, at 705-738-3800 x230 or via email at

    Board Members:

    Janet Clarkson, Chair, 705-657-3315 or

    Mayor Janet Clarkson, Council Representative
    705-657-3315 or

    Mike Weaver, Community Representative
    705-738-0022 or