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Municipal Owned Drinking Water Supply Systems

In 2007, as part of the Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program, the Ministry of Environment released Regulation 453/07 that requires the preparation of a Financial Plan for all municipal drinking water systems. The Municipality of Trent Lakes has prepared this Financial Plan in accordance with the Regulation and has approved the Plan prior to the September 1, 2013 submission deadline.

The Municipality of Trent Lakes owns and operates two (2) large Drinking Water Supply Systems. One is for the Buckhorn Lake Estates subdivision, and the other provides water to the Alpine Lake and Pirates Glen subdivisions.

The Municipal Drinking Water Supply Systems are managed under contract by the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA), who perform daily water testing, and supervise the pumphouses and distribution supplies.

2016 Watering Restrictions for Alpine Village & Pirates Glens
2016 Watering Restrictions for Buckhorn Lake Estates
B2016-065 Watering Regulations By-Law

2016-2017 Alpine/Pirates Glen DWS Inspection Report
2016-2017 Buckhorn Lake Estates DWS Inspection Report

Information for Private Well Owners

Water testing bottles for private well owners are available at the Municipal office during regular office hours.

The bottles must be taken to a Public Health Lab once the sample has been taken. Please be sure to read the instructions that come with your test bottle as samplesĀ are time sensitive.

Otonabee Conservation: Water Conservation Fact Sheet