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Small Business Climate Survey

Small Business Climate Survey

The Small Business Climate Survey is a partnership between the Municipality of Trent Lakes Economic Development Committee and the Peterborough and the Kawarthas Economic Development Committee.

The results of this survey will be used to help the Trent Lakes Economic Development Committee identify small and home based businesses within our community, their challenges and how the Economic Development Committee might be able to assist. Peterborough and the Kawarthas Economic Development will use the survey information to help them get a broader understanding of rural businesses and help to develop workshops and programs of interest

Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated. If you would prefer a hard copy of this survey or require it in some other format please email your request to and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your participation!

1. Please identify your business sector.(Check all that apply)
AccommodationFishing, Forestry, MineralsBuilding & ConstructionCommunicationsFood & BeverageFinance, Insurance, Real EstateHealth & WellnessBusiness & Professional ServicesHome & GardenEnergy & Energy UtilitiesTransportationNon-ProfitHome-based BusinessRetailManufacturingOther (Please specify)

2. How many employees work for your business (including yourself).12-56-1011-1516-2021+

3. What is your general impression of the Municipality of Trent Lakes as a place to do business?ExcellentGoodFairPoor

4. In the past 3 years, how has your outlook about having a business in the Municipality of Trent Lakes changed?I feel more positively about operating a business hereI feel more negatively about operating a business hereNo Change
Please explain how and why your outlook has changed

5. Is your business currently planning on an expansion?YesNoI don't know
If yes, please specify

6. Do you foresee any problems or difficulties with this expansion?YesNoNot Applicable

7. How can the Municipality of Trent Lakes and/or Peterborough & the Kawarthas Economic Development support you with your expansion plans?

8. Are you aware of what business services are available to you?YesNo
If yes, please specify. If no, what business services would assist you?

9. What are your 4 main challenges as a business owner?


10. What are the Municipality's top three advantages as a place to do business?


11. What are the Municipality's top three challenges as a place to do business?


12. What would you like to see changed in your business community in the next five years?

13. What support would be beneficial for your business?Updating business planMarketing seminarsSupport with trade showsExport development programsAttraction of related supply chain activities & servicesProductivity improvement workshopsAttracting talentAbility to attract new employeesSuccession planningAccess to funding information & opportunitiesBusiness networking sessionsJoint advertising & marketingEmployee training & attractionE-marketing, social media, online contentStability of workforceAbility to retain employeesOther (please specify)

14. Is your business currently experiencing any barriers related to your information technology requirements?No barriers currently being experiencedInternet speedInternet accessInternet costHardware/software supportKnowledge and trainingOther (please specify)

15. How would you rate the following factors of doing business in this community?

Workforce PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Availability of serviced land PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Land costs PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Availability of space for rent/lease PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Development/Building permit process PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Development Charges PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Municipal property tax PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Local roads and streets PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Regional/Provincial Roads PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Proximity to rail and airports PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Availability of adequate housing PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Support from municipality PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Support from other businesses PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Support from local residents PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Cellular phone service PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Water availability PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Wastewater (sewers) availability PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Availability of adequate electricity PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Cost of electricity PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Availability of natural gas PoorFairGoodExcellentNot Applicable

Other (please specify)

16. Do you have any other comments?

17. Would you like the Trent Lakes Economic Development Committee to contact you regarding your survey results? Yes, please!No, thanks.

18. Can Peterborough & the Kawarthas Economic Development contact you with information on programs and workshops that are available for businesses? Yes, please!No, thanks.

19. OPTIONAL - Business Contact Information
Business Name   
Business Address
Contact Name      
Phone Number